About Party For Pets

June 10, 2014

Party for Pets is a major fundraising and awareness campaign run by the Lort Smith Animal Hospital.


Lort Smith was established in 1935 by Louisa Lort Smith, a passionate animal welfare campaigner of the time.  The hospital was developed to promote and improve the welfare of animals and provide veterinary care for the animals of people “of limited means.”


The Hospital helps tens of thousands of animals every year, providing medical care and emergency boarding to the much loved pets of people in crisis and in need, and our shelters work tirelessly to rehome the thousands of animals that find themselves in our care every year.


We remain true to Mrs Lort Smith’s vision today, supporting people of limited means in the care of their animals and providing much needed education on responsible pet ownership.  Party for Pets is one way we can draw attention to and educate on serious animal welfare issues:





Party for Pets is here to create awareness, instigate behavioural change in the community and raise significant funds to save the lives of pets in dire need of new loving homes.


Our ability to make significant change, save lives and provide care is dependent on you.  We need your support!


http://www.fleabites.co.ukParty for Pets is making it fun and easy for you to get involved, include your friends, family and work mates and help save lives.  Be a Party Animal and raise awareness, raise funds and raise the good times in your life to help us continue with the essential services we provide… looking after abandoned, mistreated, sick and injured animals and caring for the animals of people in need.